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About Us

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To empower individuals, homes, businesses, schools, and industry through solar energy.

What we do

Operating since 2009, Chart House Energy's role as an independent power producer is to provide discounted, emission-free electricity to governmental, commercial, and private customers. We develop, own, and operate sustainable, clean, on-site solar energy generation systems. 

While to date Chart House Energy has designed and built over 4MW of solar, we believe there is more to simply increasing solar PV in Michigan. Our goal is to increase access and affordability of solar to all populations. We believe in steering individuals toward a path to obtain a career with a living wage or better. Chart House Energy helps transform distressed communities, one individual at a time by using solar development as a job training platform. 

Our Business

As with mariners navigating uncertain waters, Chart House Energy will take best advantage of the winds of government initiatives including incentives, waves of technological changes, currents of utility costs and avoid the rocky shores of our uncertain economic times. Our goal is to chart a path through all of these changing technical, environmental and financial pressures to create an optimal blend of economic return and environmental impact. Creating a pool of renewable energy property which will produce a stable cash flow long into the future.

As an Independent Power Producer (IPP), Chart House Energy provides distributed grid-tie electric power from renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind to governmental, commercial and private consumers. Chart House Energy business model is based on the Power Purchase Agreement, which secures electricity sales for the term of 40 years, (depending on the individual agreement, thus ensuring steady cash flows from electric power sales for the period of the agreement. The renewable power systems currently used by Chart House Energy consist of PV (Photovoltaic) solar panels systems and in the near future will expand to wind turbines. In order to develop renewable energy systems, Chart House Energy leases real estate (roofs and/or land) from property owners, installs solar PV panels (or other renewable energy technologies) and sells generated electric power to the property owner, the tenant or local power company.

Type of projects and growth strategy

Building integrated solar provide many advantages to both the property owner and IPP.  By building the solar system at the same time as the roof replacement, the owner can, depending upon incentives available, a discount on their roofing cost and the IPP has a roof that should last as long as the solar equipment.  This is one of the ways to maximize the benefit for property owner and to leverage the incentives available.  

Additionally we target areas where power cost is higher providing additional income to the project.  Islands often have much higher power cost due to the cost of transmission or fuel to the island.  Some customers also have unusually high power rates as compared to their neighbors.  These are customers who would best benefit from stabilized power cost.  We usually can offer discounts on the power generated by the renewable energy equipment to those customers.

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