In today’s uncertain financial world, investing in solar power makes even more sense. The return on your money will only grow over time, your investment is virtually risk-free, and installing solar power increases the value of your property. How many investments today can make these claims?

Chart House Energy is pleased welcoming Crowd Equity Investments. Each equity investment will fund part or all of a specific project and will return on the investment a blend of tax benefits and cash. Each investment runs 5, 10, or 25 years with IRR of 7-10%. Following 2013 SEC rules, we are only offering investment for C Corporations or Accredited Investors. We hope to open these investments to everyone when SEC rules allow.

Contact for More Information

If you are an interested investor and would like to receive detailed information about our company, full presentation and financial projections, please send an email to getsolar@charthouseenergy.com