Solar Photovoltaic Installation

Chart House Energy brings pride and quality to our solar photovoltaic (PV) installations for residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal customers. We believe in generating solar PV technology’s ability to produce a clean, renewable alternative to help customers achieve energy independence and energy savings. We work closely with you to develop, design, and install arrays that meet your energy needs.

Battery Backup, Energy Storage, Generator

Chart House Energy looks to battery backup, energy storage, or back up generators so that you can do more than just provide power during an outage. Using this technology can allow you to maximize self-consumption, resulting in best economics for solar systems. Ultimately prioritizing solar and battery energy and limits the use of grid power, sometimes all together. Chart House Energy will work closely with you to determine what sort of back up generation fits your budget and energy needs.

EV Charging

With the coming wave of electric vehicles, Chart House Energy wants to help you integrate EV Charging stations powered by the sun. Whether you have yet to purchase an EV or already have an EV, we can get you set up to be even more self-sufficient by charging your car with excess solar power that you would normally export to the grid.

We believe bidirectional EV charging will be key to transforming our individual power needs and part of the grid of the future. We are excited to integrate bidirectional EV charging for building back up, self-consumption of excess power generated from solar and providing whole home integrated solar, battery (EV and stationary) and back up generation.