Why go solar?

Solar energy has never been more popular – and it’s no wonder why. Global oil supplies are growing scarce and more expensive every year, and we are all too aware of the multifaceted perils of continuing our dependence on fossil fuels. So now is the perfect time to make an investment in the world’s most abundant renewable energy resource – sun power.

There have always been compelling ecological reasons to use solar power in your home or business. And thanks to lower solar equipment costs, technological advances, enlightened utility regulations and government incentives, solar power now makes economic sense as well.

Whether you live in a rural area outside the reach of the conventional power grid or are plugged into the utility power lines in your urban or suburban home, you can take advantage of solar power to offset soaring energy prices – and help the planet at the same time!

Be Environmentally Savvy

Powering your home or business with solar energy demonstrates your commitment to a healthy environment and a more sustainable future for us all. Photovoltaic (PV) systems emit absolutely zero greenhouse gases that cause global warming.

Consider just a few facts that support the decision to go solar:

A typical three-kilowatt residential solar system keeps almost two tons of CO2 (carbon dioxide) out of the atmosphere each year.
A solar power system requires just 2 to 3 years to generate the same amount of energy used in its production.
40 percent of all CO2 emissions from fossil-fuel burning result from the generation of electricity.
Vermont’s lone nuclear power plant supplies 30 percent of the state’s electricity when operating at full power. True, the plant emits no CO2, but it currently stores more radioactive nuclear waste at its Vernon facility than the site can handle. And the uranium mining necessary to fuel a nuclear plant does severe damage to the land and environment.

A Safe and Sound Financial Investment

In all but a few rare places with high, steady winds and limited sunlight, you cannot find a cheaper source of clean energy than photovoltaic power. Electric utility prices are widely expected to continue their inexorable rise, but making the sun your own power source will help protect you from rate hikes for 25-35 years or more.

And with incentives such as state rebates and federal tax credits, you can significantly lower the initial cost of your PV system and reduce the time it takes to earn back your investment.

In today’s uncertain financial world, investing in solar power makes even more sense. The return on your money will only grow over time, your investment is virtually risk-free, and installing solar power increases the value of your property. How many investments today can make these claims?

Hassle-Free Independence

With no moving parts to wear down or break, solar power systems offer years of trouble-free use. Solar panels make no noise and emit no pollution whatsoever. Solar power reduces your dependence on non-local energy sources and helps you control your energy costs no matter what’s going on in global energy markets.

Lower your energy costs over time or eliminate them entirely – invest in solar power now!